CQC Report

Thank you for showing an interest in our CQC report.

During the last inspection,the  CQC highlighted evidence of the high quality of care we seek to provide.

Guidance was in place to protect people from risks to their safety and welfare.

Staffing levels were sufficient to support people safely, and any shortfalls were covered internally. Knellwood was in the process of trialling the deployment of extra staff at busy times to see if this further improved the quality of care. A recruitment process was in place to make sure the staff were suitable to work in a care setting.

Risks were assessed and action was taken to minimise them.

Effective systems and processes were followed to ensure medicines were managed safely in accordance with current guidance and regulations. Staff were sufficiently trained and regularly assessed for their competence in administering medication.

Staff could raised any concerns  and report them internally and externally if required. The management team analysed all reported incidents and accidents to identify trends and implement measures to prevent a further occurrence.

Residents were supported by staff with the required skills and training to meet their needs. Where required, staff completed additional training.

Residents had a balanced diet that promoted healthy eating and correct nutrition.

The management team and staff understood their responsibilities in relation to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Residents were involved in making everyday decisions and choices about how they wanted to live their lives, and were supported by staff in the least restrictive way possible. They experienced good continuity and consistency of care from staff who were kind and compassionate.

The management team created an inclusive and open culture at the home. Residents were relaxed and comfortable in the presence of staff, who invested time to develop meaningful relationships with them. Their independence was promoted by staff who encouraged them to do as much for themselves as possible. Staff treated everyone with dignity and respect, and were sensitive to their needs regarding equality, diversity and human rights.

Practical arrangements including staff rotas were organised so that staff had time to listen to residents, build relationships and trust, answer their questions, provide information, and involve them in decisions.

The service was responsive and helped residents to develop their support plans where possible. The plans were detailed and personalised to ensure individual preferences were known. They were regularly reviewed. Residents were encouraged to engage in stimulating activities of their choice, which had a positive impact on their well-being.

Arrangements were in place to obtain the views of residents and their relatives, and a complaints procedure was available if required.

The service was well managed and well led by the management team who provided clear and direct leadership, which inspired staff to provide good quality care. The safety and quality of the support received by residents was effectively monitored and any identified shortfalls were acted upon in a timely manner to drive continuous improvement of the service.

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